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We provide services, which are best suited to you, based on the application. Customization is our “KEY TO SUCCESS”. Our clients have trusted us and we have met their expectations. We follow a simple rule – Build trust by the quality of work and commitment. Products are only the tools to implement the solution. Our endeavor is to provide a solution. The approach is to – “Keep improving towards PERFECTION “. We proudly say that we work towards perfection and give you a customized solution.

Smart Lightning

Energy Saving

Smart Furniture

Innovative Mirror


We, as our name suggests, Automate Things!! We build basic hardware like the switch that can be seamlessly retrofitted and can be controlled from anywhere in the world. The ‘Things’ that these switches operate on can be automated to perform tasks as per your convenience. Your needs and requirements coupled with weather/climate data along with sensor inputs will be added to the mix to provide an intelligent and customised eco-system in the future.

  • Power Savings
  • Home safety
  • Insight Analysis
  • Enhanced Life style
  • Smarter homes


We understand and care for your desire to elevate your lifestyle. Come to us. You just need our smart switches which run seamlessly through the mobile app on your smartphones. You can use it from anywhere across the globe.


Smart Applications

Managed Centrally

Peace of Mind


We provide customized products ( both Metal and processed wood), quality services, best suitable to the needs of the clients. We are engaged in providing unique solutions through conceptual learning and understanding of requirements. We dont just sell products, rather provide products that are functionally required by the clients, which help them increase their productivity.

  • Concealed Wiring.
  • Space efficiency.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Aesthetically beautiful.
  • Improves productivity.


Right from Space planning, line marking, coordination with the collaborative agencies, we give a hassle-free installation to our clients. We work hand-in-hand to reduce the installation time with a better finish.

Step 1
Line Marking, Data and Power conduit position marking.
Step 2
Installation of understructures and then the tables.
Step 3
Final alignment and finishing, snag removal if any.


We provide innovative mirror solutions. May it be a residential or commercial , our SMART products enhances the lifestyle of the user with best fit to their kind of uniqueness. A new concept of LED lights fitted into the mirrors for a plug and play use. Certain inbuilt features to give the clients a stand out feel.


  • Extra clear mirrors.
  • Sleek design.
  • Plug n play.
  • Color changing options.
  • Outstanding aesthetics.


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